Romantyczny weekend w Nidzie

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The hotel "Jelita" is located at the foot of the Urbas mount that is covered with pines. There are spacious two-bedroom apartments in the hotel which are ideal for the rest of families or friends. There are mini-kitchens in some apartments. Some of them swank with fireplaces and these ones that are located in the mansard are heated by put ovens in a cool evening.

The arrangement of cosy apartments is particular and they are furnished with antiquarian furniture.

  • If you only come for one night, the price is higher by 20%.
  • If you come for 7 or more nights, a 10% discount is applied.


The villa “Jelita” waits for guests in a quiet quarter located away from the noise of faces and restaurants in the central part of Nida place. It is a wooden fisher house with an internal yard decorated with ethnographic elements which are characteristic to seaside places

The rooms of the villa breathe with romantic past. They are provided cosiness by interior details selected with attention and love. We especially recommend this villa for those who even like cooking in the kitchen during their holiday as well as those who evaluate the taste of home food. On the ground floor, in a spacious dining room with a kitchen and dishes, the guests can make food themselves, have breakfast and enjoy coffee and conversations at a big common table.

It is cosy and safe to spend evenings on the terrace or in the yard of the villa near a fire place and a summerhouse which purpose is to help you to enjoy fresh seaside air in the rain.


 Vila Jelita Vila Jelita Vila Jelita Vila Jelita Vila Jelita Vila Jelita Vila Jelita Vila Jelita

Kontakt i przydatne informacje

  • Adres G.D.Kuverto 7f/7d, Nida (Neringa), Litwa
  • Telefon +370 614 04451
  • E-mail jelita@jelita.lt
  • Otwarty cały rok
  • Płatnosc kartami kredytowymi -

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